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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> there's a lot coming. we want to be ready. >> bracing for the first of four storms. one of the strongest is moving in now. >> thank you for joining us. >> this is the calm before the storm, we have the live look at 880, traffic is smooth now, but it likely is going to be a different story tomorrow morning. the commute expected to be messy, wet and windy. we have team coverage tonight. nbc's bay area is beginning with our chief meteorologist, jeff, the wind particulari ipicking u. it's spaexpansive, you see it's miles away from the california coast line. there's the buoy wind gusts
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topping 30 miles an hour. no doubt tomorrow morning winds will be materializing as the cold front gets closer. over the next couple out of hours not looking for too much, but at 5, 6, 7:00, that is where it's ramping up. and also the wind, watch the red zone pop up over the north, down in the south bay, turns to the purple color, look at the legend at the bottom of the screen, that is correlating with gusts that could be as high as 50 miles an hour for parts of the greater bay area, which could mean isolated power outages and trees down. we will have the timeline and how long it will last, all four symptotomach -- all four storms coming up later on. not what people want to ear in parts of the bay area. tonight, many are preparing and few are waiting.
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we are live where it's still dry, but not for long. >> jessica, right now, conditions are perfect for preparing for the incoming storms and tonight, that is what we found people doing. >> reporter: the storm warning had some home owners shoveling sand in san rafel. >> i got a call from my wife saying, our neighbors are getting sand bags, go to the fire station. so i'm herein appropriately dressed from work. >> there's a lot coming i want to be ready. >> reporter: this mother is filling enough sand bags to protect the garage. >> we want to prepare, we saw the water come in under the garage door and if it keeps coming down, who knows what could happen. >> reporter: they are not alone, sand bags are already in place in some parts of san rafel and some are lining storm drains, all the leaves could clog drains and cause street flooding.
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with wind and heavy rain expected for several day, she is also preparing for power outages. >> i'm going to stock up on water and try to cook all my fridge tonight. >> reporter: and the five-year-old is ready to weather the storm. >> so me and my classmates will not be board, we are going to bring our own books. >> reporter: over at jackson's hardware, there's a run on batteries flashlights and. >> whenever a storm happens, the tree knocks down the power and we are out for many, many, many days. >> reporter: some are shopping now to avoid the rush. >> things fall and things break and all that fun stuff. it will be interesting. >> reporter: now is the time to check your emergency supply, make sure you have a stash of emergency food, flashlight and batteries. and radio. >> if you are headed out in the
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morning as many of us are, give yourself extra time, it's as simple as that. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the roads will be slick and the wind will be whipping, especially dangerous all trucks crossing the local bridges or mountain passes. we will have life traffic reports throughout the morning he show. tonight, the clouds on the move, a viewer sent us this picture of a nights ahead of the wild weather we are expecting and we want you to do the same. find yourself in a safe place and you can snap a storm photo, send it our way. and of course, we invite you to stay with us for more storm coverage. we will have more coming up. >> there are tears of joy and gratitude for the family of a special needs girl in the south bay, she was trapped in her wheelchair in the back of a burning bus. the school bus driver saved her life. we have the new details of the ordeal. george? >> reporter: that's right, raj,
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they had a few seconds to get off the school bus and because of the bus driver's quick thinking that made all the difference. but it started somewhere in the engine department. the wheelchair accessible bus is a charred shell of its former self. >> the heat was from the windshield back. and it was so hot, it meted this side is completely gone. >> reporter: the bus driver had just dropped off a few students at the middle school. the bus driver was sitting in her driver seats, ready to take the student to the school when she noticed smoke in the engine. she got up and walked to the back of the bus and attempted to get the child off the bus. she pushed the child's wheelchair on the lift and noticed the fire disabled the lift and it would not go lower than this. so she made the decision to you know buckle her from the chair and then the bus driver carried
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the girl's 95 pound body to safety. >> she did her job and did it with excellence and really you cannot ask for more from an employee. >> reporter: the 12-year-old girl was not hurt. firefighters arrived and put out the flames in five minutes. >> the fire personal in charge came up to me and said, you should consider your bus driver a hero because of her actions today and taking it upon herself to figure out a way to get the student off the bus. she should be pleased with her actions today, i know i am. >> reporter: and a the school district as well as the fire department and city of san jose plan to recognizing her for saving this child. we are live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> well deserved. thank you, george. it was a horrific head on collision and tonight, three people from san jose are dead,
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that crash happened today on highway 1-52, vetters say a truck overturned and a driver of a volvo swerved to miss the wreck and instead, collided head on with a honda carrying three people from san jose, they were all killed in the crash. the driver of the volvo suffered injuries. >> a case of road rage on a cell phone camera, two men pointing a gun at a man. those two men have been arrested thanks to an alert officer. they were driving irradically on another street and a couple started to record them, and the men noticed they were being recorded and shot several times in the victim's car hitting the car but not injuring anyone inside. the couple quicked called 911. >> when oakland police officers were able to view the video
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footage that the victims had on their cell phone, one of the officers immediately recognized the individual who was armed with the gun and had pointed that at our victims. immediately, he put that information out to the patrol officers along with the description of the vehicle. >> that officer recognized the car she said a short time later the car was found and the men were taken into custody. >> teen no more. at least not in the eyes of the law. a 15-year-old san jose boy suspected of being involved in a deadly crime spree will be charged as an adult and could be up for the death penalty. he and another boy robbed four businesses this month and shot to death a man they were trying to car jack and shot at and wounded a police officer. they have not decided whether to put him on death row if convi convicted he is due in court on a long list of charges. including murder, robbery and attempted murder of a police
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officer. another police officer is on leave tonight after narrowly escaping gunfire the men that shot at still missing. he pulled over a drive when the man inside began shooting. the shot missed the officer and hit a squad car. the officer fired back and the begunman got away. it's unclear at this point if the gunman was shot, but the car he was driving was stolen and found later abandon. >> an active scene on the cal campus. protesters took over the empty eshelman hall late this afternoon, the student newspaper on campus reported that six students were occupying the building to bring awareness to the multi-cultural retention center and minority enrollment. these are the pictures of the daily cal website, the protest came to a peaceful ending at 9:45 tonight. >> we are tracking the first big
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storm of the season. it looks nice right no and it looks clear but it's not staying that way for long. >> that is right, we are tracking that storm about 90 miles off shore, already showing rain as you can see winds are advancing 15-30 miles an hour, across the pacific coast line, rain 1-3 inches wednesday to saturday, winds 20-50 miles an hour and small creeks rivers and streams will be rising. also, where you live could raise your risk of breast cancer. the revealing look at cancer rates throughout the bay area counties. also, we get angry when we see that and we get on the field and show that we are better than them. >> and caught on camera, masked men holdup a jewelry store in
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the south bay. tonight police, need your help. back in a moment.
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>> we are on storm watch, a live look at san jose, heavy rain and wind heading our way, it is happening today. search nbc bay area, and our chief meteorologist is keeping a close eye on the situation. tonight and overnight. jeff will rejoin us in five minutes. first, a confrontation in one of the bay area's most exclusive cities and it was caught on camera. police are on the hunt for two armed robbers. it happened at high noon.
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you can see two masked men carrying semiautomatic handguns. they held up employees at gunpoint, smashed through the glass displays and made off with the jewelry. >> they want answers. six senators want to know why we pay so much. it's hard to forget that gas prices in california jumped to more than $5 a gallon despite the falling crude prices. analysts say that the refinery fires were to blame. but the senators want to know if the refinery shut down caused the increase at the pump. after three months of wrong turn, apple is trying make it right. the company fired a senior manager in charge of the troubled mapping software. richard williamson was let go,
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he was part of the team that spear headed the new maps app for the new iphone 5. it was blasted by a lot of consumers for being unreliable. apple chose to replace the original google maps. he was asked to resign after refusing to sign a letter for the app's flaws. all of these people have one thing in common, they are up for time magazine's person of the year. time announced the 38 people, 38 of the 40 people being considered for the title. among the nominees, michael phelps, hillary clinton and barack obama. thyme said it will reveal the winner on december 14th. new at 11:00, plenty of
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cheers for a football team, there's a catch, they cannot hear the cheers. >> we have the story of a football success from the east bay and boy, they are underdogs aren't they? >> they are the true definition of underdogs. you think of team work and you can find so many examples in sports, but not a story like this. one of true champions in every sense of the word. with every play, some of them a little wild, their confidence soared, even against the bigger teams. >> peopleere not sure we could handle the big boys. nobody on our team is over 200 pounds. >> size was not a challenge, every player on the eagles football team and their coach are deaf. >> we had to adapt. >> in his first year as head coach, he led the team to a 10-2 record, winning the north central two bay league title.
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beating out seven or schools, none of them dealing with the same disadvantage. >> the boys were excited. we have not beat that school in a long time. >> this year they beat them twice. >> they have got a triple threat communication method. and signing and using posters. >> very effective, because it catches the defense off guard. >> and he played to his team's streng strengths, small and quick. >> we keep moving, no huddle and it put us on the map. >> and the greatest payoff has been the on doubters. >> i can see they think we are nothing and they can beat us and they have a big ego and fat head and we get angry when we see that, and we show them we are better than them. >> now a band of brothers that say, their bond cannot be broken on or off the field. >> you cannot play with your own passion, you have to play with
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the brotherhood for your team. >> and that was the chant there at the end of every game. they played in the underdog competition and they may win that title. you can still catch many of the players in action in other sports. >> that is a great, great story. kudos to them. >> okay, do we have the flashlights and everything is ready? because it's coming isn't it, jeff? >> yeah, strong storms that could gust higher than 50 miles an hour. that first storm system lining up off shore and it's expansive, stretching the entire length of california off shore and parallel to oregon. the core of the storm is out 500 miles. we will not see the center of the storm move to us. but a strong band will be
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pushing over as we head throughout tomorrow morning. already some of them reports are 20-35 miles an hour. no doubt, for the morning hours we will see the wind materialize. let's get outside the live hd sky camera network tonight, there's some of the wind, 20 miles an hour in san francisco, san bernardino mountain, it will be stormy, and visibility will be cut in half. we will track it at 4:30, you can send in your pictures to news tips@nbc bay let's go back to what is happening with the storm. winds will increase and pick up and the first band of heavy rainfall unfortunately timed for the early morning commute. 6: 00 a.m., things will be ramping up. that is where some of the heaviest rain will be, take longer to get back here to you in the east bay and south bay,
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but throughout 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 it will get to pleasanton and san jose, we cannot rule out isolated possibilities that some thunderstorms in the afternoon, but the heavier consistent rainfall will be done. then we will look at the second storm system this week as we go throughout this afternoon, into the north bay, it will be slow going, all the way through thursday, it will march to the south, for the east in the south bay, you may not get in on the second round of heavy rain until friday morning. again, wednesday and friday morning, the toughest on those commutes here across the bay area. and in terms of wind, we have been showing you this quite a bit. look at the zone, as we head into 9:00 and 10:00 tomorrow morning. that could be 50 miles across the bay area, i don't think that everyone will see winds at 50 miles an hour, that is an indication of the widespread wind, that wind will start to
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slack enup. totals unreal as we head to saturday morning, we could see five inches of rainfall, that is where the rivers are a concern. the russian river at 5.55 feet and expected to crest at 21.6 feet, that is close to flood stage, we do not think it will get there at the current moment. nonetheless, if you live in the north bay, watch for that. and on your seven-day forecast, we keep the chances of thunderstorms in here as we head to thursday, we will look at another strong storm on friday and then another system as we head into this weekend, so with so many storms back-to-back, that is where we are concerned about the power outages and potential trees coming down, so take it slow tomorrow morning, guys. >> very good advice, thank you, jeff. >> we are back in a moment.
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>> in certain parts of the bay area, breast cancer is higher than the state average.
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the california breast cancer mapping project found that some counties had cancer rates that were 10% to 20% higher than the state average. this information gathered between 2000 skand, 2008. the risk factors are more common among higher income women. but this is all just a correlation, not a cause. the study cannot name a cause for the increased rate at this point. we are back in a moment.
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>> hi everybody, we are in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. there was a thought that the bruins should dump it, winning would get them nothing but a trip to oregon for the conference title game, who wants
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that? and nobody thought that the bruins would actually throw the game, almost nobody. >> wouldn't you rather play stanford than oregon? >> no, it didn't matter. we wanted to win the game today, and we didn't do it, we came up short. but to say that our efforts did not get their best effort. >> i'm saying you can arrange the game and how it's played. that's what i'm saying. >> i never stepped on field. >> you did it in the nfl. >> don't look around for help, you are over here. >> you are making a statement, i don't know if there's a question in there. >> you can comment on the statement. >> i will comment on the question. this is a press conference where you ask questions, if you want to come up here, here, here there's a seat here and a seat
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here, i would love you to have you up here. sure i would, you do don't scare me. >> all right, high entertainment value. how about the 49ers locking up one of the all pro defenders coming to terms with bowman on a 5-year contract extension through 2018, that is the good news. the bad news, running back hunter out of the season with a lower leg injury. and this little more lighthearted as the rockets/raptors game, that is a rebound put in the wrong bacteribasket. you do not get two points for that either, embarrassing but he had a great game, so you can live with it. and there's this, the former linebacker, harris is running to replay jesse jackson, jr. in illinois. pete shuler also a congressman
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in north carolina. a pipeline from the nfl, particularly oakland, right? to the political realm. there's a story there. >> and maybe t.j. will run for congress too. >> i don't think he would get jim morris's vote. >> check of the weather next. okay, here's the plan.
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>> before we go a last check to storm heading into the bay area, the wind that will be here around 8 or 9 in the morning all over the bay area. >> that is right, we will see the winds up to 50 miles an hour. you can see the camera shaking around at the moment. let's go to san jose, and well, road crews are busy down there, you see flashing lights in the center of your screen, likely
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getting ready for what is likely to be a wet commute tomorrow, there's the weather system, it's huge, stretching up to the northwest and here are the buoy reports, anywhere from 20-35 miles an hour. up to the northern coast line, we are seeing the stronger winds at the current moment. let's look at what we can expect, some of the strongest rain, and the wind will come at about 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00, and by the afternoon, it will calm down and get a break, we cannot rule out a few isolated thunderstorms that could pop up. then for thursday, a chance of the thunderstorms will linger and by friday, this that is in that second round arriving, and that is when we may have flooding issues and potentially some power outages, we will have more coming up at 4:30. >> thanks for watching us tonight. >> bye-bye drive safe. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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